Search and Raise Money!!!

Just by doing your normal every day searches and clicking on sponsored results, money is being raised for our organization!

Downloand and install the Pedaling with a Purpose toolbar and help support our mission of making the world a better place, one cyclist at a time.

Pedaling with a Purpose Toolbar

Download the free Pedaling with a Purpose toolbar, and help give back to Pedaling with a Purpose. Plus, you can use the toolbar to stay connected -- you'll always be a click away from Pedaling with a Purpose news, volunteer information, upcoming events and more.

Once you install the toolbar, you'll have a streamlined way to search the Internet -- a helpful Yahoo search box on any browser window. The free Pedaling with a Purpose toolbar is free of spyware, adware and viruses and always respects users' privacy. You can uninstall or turn off the toolbar at any time.

To Download:

Click here to get started. You will be prompted to take the following steps:

  1. You will see optional fields to fill in for e-mail address and ZIP code.
  2. Please check the box for terms agreement and click on “Download Now” (you can choose to install the toolbar using either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers -- or both).
  3. If a popup blocker notice appears, click on the notice and select “Download File”.
  4. You may then see a message about page refreshing. Click “Retry”.
  5. Click Run - Run - Install - Finish.
  6. After you click on "Finish" please close your Internet browser and re-open a new browser.
  7. Click on “View” at the top of your browser and then select “Toolbars”.
  8. Then click or check the words “Pedaling with a Purpose BenefitBar” and the toolbar will appear on your screen.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thanks for your support!