You Can Make a Difference!
Imagine being able to take any bicycling tour, race or other cycling-reated event and turning it into your own personal fundraiser. That's the idea behind Pedaling with a Purpose. You pick the event, you pick the cause and pedal away to make someone else's life better by raising some money along the way!

Looking for a Rider to Make a Donation?

Are you interested in making a donation to a PWAP rider? Be sure to check out our Fundraiser Page for a listing of current fundraisers.

A Winning Concept
While there are a lot of great charity bicycle events being run across the country, the real benefit of Pedaling with a Purpose is your ability to take literally any cycling event and turn it into your own personal charity ride. This not only provides you with an extra bit of motivation to get out there and train, but when you take on the commitment to raise money for something you are passionate about, chances are you'll be more successful and have more fun doing it. That way everone wins.

Maybe you've lost a loved one to cancer, watched a grandparent suffer from Alzheimer's or a friend of yours has diabetes. Do you have a special place in your heart for animals and want to support the local shelter or help to make some young child's wish come true? Whatever your motivation may be, Pedaling with a Purpose is there to help. Your donors will sense the personal connection with your chosen cause, and in many cases are more likely to contribute more than if you were participating in the "typical" mass-organized charity event.

Our Fifth Year
Ready for another year, Pedaling with a Purpose is excited to be part of Cascarelli's/Arcadia Brewery Cycling Team's 2010 racing season and the opportunity to spread the word and help others raise money for worthy causes through their love of cycling.

If you are interested in partnering with Pedaling with a Purpose to raise funds for your next cycling event, please let us know. We'd be happy to help ensure that you get more out of your next event than sore legs and a sweaty jersey.